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Go West Mijo: Top Ten Places to Visit in Western Nebraska

by Geiger & Associates / Photos courtesy of Milton Torres

Agate Fossil Beds National Monument - Miocene scavenger pig and beardog

Most of the land that is now part of the national monument was once part of the Agate Springs Ranch owned by James and Kate Cook. Fossil remains first came to the attention of scientists in the late 1800s. Scientific excavations were done in the 1900s, by the Carnegie Museum (Pittsburgh) in 1904 and the University of Nebraska in 1905. The site is best known for well-preserved Miocene mammal fossils in two nearby hills. In the Miocene, about 19-20 million years ago, what is now Western Nebraska experienced terrible drought. Hundreds of animals died around shallow waterholes. Their remains, many scavenged, were buried under sand and volcanic ash. The Agate Fossil Beds National Monument in the upper Niobrara River Valley is an example of this. Agate Fossil Beds National Monument - Phone: (308) 668-2211 or (308) 436-9760 / Website: More Articles

Top Ten Places to Experience in Northern New Mexico

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